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API Store - IdentityPersonDirectoryLookup2.1

IdentityPersonDirectoryLookup2.1 - v1

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Version: v1
Updated: 24/Feb/2021 14:03:03 PM MST
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Production and Sandbox URLs:

This service accesses the directory service associated with the Person (PRO) System. It is the web service version of the web page FINDPRSN in the PRO System.


The documentation for this API can be viewed in the Developer Portal.

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Authorization : Bearer
URL Prefix URL Pattern Throttling Limit
/domains/legacy/identity/person/directorylookup2.1/v1 /documentation
/domains/legacy/identity/person/directorylookup2.1/v1 /{lastName}/{firstName}
/domains/legacy/identity/person/directorylookup2.1/v1 /{+searchPattern}
/domains/legacy/identity/person/directorylookup2.1/v1 /{searchEngine}/{searchType}/{pageNumber}/{+searchPattern}
/domains/legacy/identity/person/directorylookup2.1/v1 /{searchEngine}/{searchType}/{pageNumber}/{+searchPattern}/{+modifier}